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Ozone Therapy

Dr Jones has been using ozone therapy consistently to eliminate dental infections, disinfect teeth during treatment and aid in healing from dental surgery. Ozone therapy is also used for:

  • Periodontal disease can be treated by using ozonated water flushed below the gum line
  • Decay causing bacteria can be killed on contact with ozone
  • Teeth sensitivity can effectively be eliminated with ozone because ozone can harden weakened tooth structure.
  • Post-operative pain from restorative dental procedures can be significantly reduced with ozone
  • Root canal treatment uses ozone to achieve a truly sterile, bacteria-free root canal system and to stimulate faster healing

New studies show a clear link between dental health and many chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. Healthy teeth and gums will improve your overall health.

Ozone dentistry is a new therapy that uses activated oxygen molecules to treat a wide range of dental issues. Dr. Jones is one of the first dentists to offer ozone dentistry in Federal Way, but it has been used for years in other parts of the world, like Canada, Europe, Asia and South Africa.

Dr. Jones uses ozone dentistry to successfully treat tooth decay, gum disease , and sensitive teeth. Ozone dentistry is changing the way doctors can help, patients and Dr. Jones also uses it for certain cosmetic procedures and to treat halitosis, canker sores, cold sores, and other conditions.

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